The Chronicles of The Best They Ever Had

Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. Every day they continued to meet together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. -Acts 2:43-47

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Good ole Conan...

Quotes from "Celebrity Secrets" skit on Conan O'brien. Celebrities come on tell some of their supposed secrets. Enjoy:

"People ask me if I'm as nice as I am in the movies. I say hey, 'what if life is a movie?' While they're thinking about that I yell 'cut' and then I run away."--Harrison Ford

"One day I called George Lucas up at three o'clock in the morning and I pretended to be Mark Hamill. He said, 'Harrison?' I said 'No, it's me Mark Hamill.' He said, 'Harrison, I know it's you.' I said, 'Well then you know wrong because it's Mark Hamill.' He sighed and said, 'okay Mark what do you want?' I really got him."--Harrison Ford

"When I agreed to make Apollo 13 I was under the impression that I would be playing Apollo Creed from Rocky. Those sons of *turkeys* tricked me!" --Tom Hanks

"The 1998 Oscars, I found myself in the bathroom in a stall, next to Tom Selleck. So I leaned over and I said 'looks like we're a couple of peeing Toms.' His angry silence is something I'll never forget."--Tom Hanks

"During the filming of Rocky III whenever I did a scene with Meredith Burgess, I pretended I was Batman, and he was the Penguin, and we were filming an episode of the old Batman TV show. It was fun to pretend."--Mr. T

"I remember one time I tried to pity this fool. He told me his name was Jeff. He was married. He pulled out his wallet and showed me three pictures of his kids; Kelly, Robert, Brittany. Real cute kids. Don't get too close man. It's hard to pity a fool if you get too close."--Mr. T

"I often dine with the queen, but to me she will always be simply 'Latifah.'"--Patrick Stewart

"If William Shatner ever pulls you into the bathroom and asks if you want to see the captain's log, just say no. I fell for that nine times!"--Patrick Stewart

"My favorite animal- the bald eagle. Not because it's bald-because it tastes good."--Patrick Stewart

"In the movie Sleuth I worked with the great Sir Lawrence Olivier. He was full of wisdom and one day said 'Michael, a truly great actor could step off a tall building and make himself fly like a bird.' Later he admitted he was trying to kill me."--Michael Cain

Share this with everyone. It brought me great joy.


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