The Chronicles of The Best They Ever Had

Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. Every day they continued to meet together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. -Acts 2:43-47

Thursday, December 09, 2004


So yesterday was one of the most excellent days ever. Not only did I get to celebrate a victory over calculus 2 (ok, so it took two tries to beat it...), I was offered a job as an RA!

I applied about a month ago for a spring position, and I interviewed in a dorm on the other side of campus, but I didn't get the job. I would have taken it if I had gotten it, but when I found out that I didn't get it, I was actually quite relieved. I didn't have to move all my stuff home over Christmas break and then move it back in January...I didn't have to get used to a new dorm and completely new people...and most importantly I didn't have to leave my suite. I'm really close to the girls in my suite--God really blessed me with a great living situation. They are really strong Christian girls and it's so great to have that support. That was about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

WELL, two days ago, I got a voicemail saying that the RD wanted to ask me about my application for the fall (I had requested to keep my application open for Fall 2005). I thought that maybe there was something wrong with my application or something. The next day, before I could get up with the guy, my RA (who lives in my suite) came in my room to give something back to me and then proceeded to tell me that she won't be back next semester as an RA and that the RD who had called me was going to offer me her job!!!!! As in, I am only moving over one room, staying in the same suite, with the same girls. I will have a room to myself, which is actually bigger than the room I am in right now with a roommate. I had a little mini interview about an hour ago with the RD over the phone, just to go through the formality of it, but he is putting the contract together right now for me to pick up this afternoon and fill out and return before I go home for break. AHH! it's so great. My parents are excited because I already have a scholarship covering tuition, and now as compensation for the RA position, I have free room and board (meal plan). Yes, kids, that equals a free ride plus a stipend of about $600 for the semester (which will cover my books if need be). Of course, I have to work--I will have to be on duty, work at the 24-hr desk, stay later on breaks and come back earlier from breaks. But hey, it's worth it.

God really surprises me. This was out of the blue, and man, he is so unfair sometimes (but it's a good unfair). God really blessed me with this. Who woulda thunk it?

jordan m


At 12/09/2004 9:03 PM, Blogger livetoshine said...

I am sooo happy for you, I know I already told you that, but I still am. It really is all a blessing!


At 12/09/2004 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is awesome, hope I can meet people like that in college and maybe get a job as an RA!!! Good job and keep up the good work. ; )


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